Exploring Data. Understanding Nature.

We digitize, quantify and monitor every single agricultural field on the planet.

How we do it.

We create real-time applications by connecting deep learning with earth observation.

What you get.

We provide agricultural information from the field to the global scale. The information we deliver includes

Land cover classification (e.g. detailed crop type classification) and area statistics

Yield zoning and real-time growing conditions

Prediction of wheat production, yield and area

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Global scale


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Who‘s it for.
Buyers & traders of agricultural commodities who want to
  • optimize procurement
  • abandon uncertainty of crop damage events
  • be ahead of competition
(Re-)Insurance companies who want to
  • speed up and objectify claim management
  • assess crop risks on a global basis
  • introduce new insurance products
Public authorities and institutions who want to
  • reduce effort and costs of CAP controls
  • increase quality of CAP controls
  • utilize Copernicus data to monitor crop areas
Agricultural service providers who want to
  • optimize on-farm research with real-time data insights
  • reduce costs and time to generate smart farming maps
  • scale their services, worldwide
If you‘re interested but not listed here, contact us.
About us.

Exploring data. Understanding nature. That‘s our motto. We are GREENSPIN, a start up from Würzburg, Germany. Our vision is to bring transparency to the global agricultural market. Call us and let‘s see how we can work together.

Our customers and partners.


At the moment we are in the middle of the exciting project GREENSPIN Agri Planet, which is funded by the European Space Agency. Producers, consultancies or national control authorities often do not have near real-time insights on the conditions of agricultural parcels or single plants. We support them with our powerful machine learning procedures and…

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Automated crop type classification with neural networks

Lately we had some interesting projects in the field of monitoring. For that we developed an automated classification algorithm which uses deep learning and artificial neural networks to classify different crop types. This also forms the basis for the cooperation with the Bavarian State ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry (StMELF), which looks for alternative…

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GREENSPIN @ 23rd MARS Conference in Ireland

On November 28 and 29, the 23rd MARS Conference took place in Gormanston, Ireland (https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/event/conference/23rd-mars-conference). During those two intense days, the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was discussed by European public authorities, industry representatives, the European Commission (EC) and the Joint Research Center (JRC). The focus was on the new monitoring approach for…

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